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Friday, April 18, 2014

 Download Genesis Now! 

 Genesis: the next generation –

                 Hardware independent enterprise Windows installation in minutes.

Genesis is the next level of automated enterprise Windows installation.

            Genesis allows effortless unattended installation of Windows across non-standardized networks.

Automated OS Installation for real-world networks. Not just Ideal networks.

Genesis is superior because it allows for the efficient creation of a

        hardware independent

                                             desktop image for unattended installation across a wide variety of computer hardware.

By completely automating the entire system-building process, Genesis allows users to easily and confidently create a standard desktop image for deployment across non-standard equipment 

Genesis automates all aspects of desktop deployment:

  • installs the operating system with all of the current patches already integrated
  • installs additional core applications
  • tweaks the windows registry 
  • sets file and user permissions

Beyond Installation

Genesis gives you the ability to customize your image in ways you may never have thought possible!

        Add corporate branding, custom help and tips. Or, lock the system down as tight as you want with little-known registry tweaks.

Genesis captures and optimizes an image of the system that can then be deployed via bootable CD from a network share or directly from a bootable DVD or USB Flash Drive.  

                 Beyond Easy

The typical time required to rebuild a user’s computer is about 15 minutes (start to finish). The deployment wizard requires only the end user’s login name prior to deployment to result in a fully configured PC.

Download an evaluation copy now, or read further to learn more about Genesis

Download Genesis Now!

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