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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Innovations in IT support tools

Geniware increases efficiency, decreases downtime and automates tedious, repetitive tasks.


New Ideas In Efficient Network Management

Our tools represent a major advance in OS installation technology. By creating a hardware-independent disk image, our applications greatly streamline the unattended installation process. Replace time spent on special treatment of different hardware profiles with time for more challenging issues, time for more advanced projects, or with some good ol' fashioned time to kick back and admire your work.                                  

        Real Solutions for Real World Networks

Geniware is the perfect compliment to your Windows 7 or Vista update strategy. With the power to efficiently conduct an unattended installation of Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 to a diverse network of computers, Geniware applications can turn this burdensome task into a efficient process that allows your IT team time to handle other tasks related to a new OS rollout. A full compliment of drivers ensures that almost any group of computers can be quickly prepared with a standard desktop image, including your personal tweaks and customizations. Geniware is also perfect for patch maintenance -- greatly reducing the time involved in the upkeep of your network’s operating systems and helping to keep your network safe from viruses and hackers. 

  Click here to learn more about our flagship product Genesis -- the next generation of unattended installation tools for real -world networks.


Geniware tools

-Increase the efficiency of IT personnel, taking care of tedious tasks so that they can spend more time on challenging issues

-Genesis decreases downtime, increasing user productivity

-Genesis decreases helpdesk load by implementing a standard platform enterprise-wide, greatly reducing diagnosis and resolution times

-Dramatically lowers per-machine cost of ownership

-Efficient patch management reduces the risks posed by viruses and hackers


IT Managers: Our Genesis unattended operating system installation product is now available with Windows 7 32 bit support. Click here for information.


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